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Couch Knights is a UE4 developed Oculus Rift title from Epic

Couch Knights, which was developed for Oculus Rift using Unreal Engine 4, has been announced.


It’s a multiplayer game, where players will control half of a battle set in a living room scene.

According to Epic Games, the atmosphere depicts a "trendy apartment with realistic furniture, decor and a balcony overlooking the city."

Two action figured "come to life" and are juxtaposed onto the apartment scene. The knights battle each other with swords and shields atop a coffee table, while lifelike avatars of the player and a friend control the duo.

Each player will hold a controller in the scene and in the real world and they can alter the view of the environment in real-time by "looking around the virtual space naturally."

In addition, both players’ motion and position "are mapped through the headsets to their in-game avatars through inverse kinematics."

The knights, as they battle through the virtual space, will "scurry at the players' feet, hop up on chairs, and run around on the individual couches."

Currently a working title, "Couch Knights" uses Oculus' Development Kit 2, which Oculus VR announced yesterday as being available for pre-order.

Couch Knights was built by Epic Games to showcase "positional tracking and basic avatars" in a setting with shared presence.

A screenshot is posted above, and the game is available for demonstration purposes at Oculus' booth at GDC.

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