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Rovio video teases medieval-themed Angry Birds

Rovio is teasing a new Angry Birds game with a medieval theme, according to a really short video posted on YouTube.


In the video you will see the red bird in a suit of armor, and the video description reads: "Perhaps the most Epic soft launch ever - whatever that means!? Starting in Australia, Canada and New Zealand. Other countries to follow!"

Pocket Gamer notes a user on the Angry Birds fansite AngryBirdsNest found a silhouetted image of birds depicted a wizard, knight, and archer in a Rovio teaser video posted at the end of December.


Whether or not the game is related to the autumn release of Angry Birds Stella or not remains to be seen. The new title was announced last month, and stars a pink lady bird and five new bird types set in a new environment.

If you look at the artwork posted by Rovio through the announcement link, you will notice a "Queen Bird" hovering in the background - and most stories which take place in the medieval have royalty present in some fashion.

We're just thinking out loud though; it could be two completely different games. We'll just have to wait and see.

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