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Angry Birds come to Minecraft in a new adventure world DLC

Available now in Minecraft Marketplace.

Rovio has announced Angry Birds have come to Minecraft via a new adventure DLC.

Available now for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition players, the new world comes with two game modes, and a gaggle of extra goodies.

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Developed by Oreville Studios, the DLC features the famous birds once again trying to stop the pigs from whatever nefarious scheme they have concocted.

You can play the adventure in Classic Mode which allows you to fling birds from a giant slingshot to take down piggy towers, just like in the original Angry Birds games. There's also Mission Mode which features four environments to explore. Here, you will be challenged with rescuing members of the Angry Birds flock including Chuck, Bomb, Stella, and more.

Once unlocked, the birds are available as playable characters with special abilities to be used against the flock’s arch-nemeses, the green piggies. You can also find golden eggs which contain Hatchlings.

There are a total of six playable Angry Birds characters, ten character skins, and one Angry Birds Character Creator item.

You can pick the DLC up on the Minecraft Marketplace today.

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