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Minecraft anniversary easter egg lets you celebrate by physically fighting the Minecraft movie - kind of

Jack Black, come get these square hands!

Luke from Street Fighter 6 throwing a punch towards a bunch of Minecraft characters and creatures.
Image credit: Capcom/Mojang

Good news, people with a desire to virtually hit things, one of the many things that're going on in celebration of Minecraft's 15th anniversary can cater to that need. Especially if you fancy having a barney with the upcoming Minecraft movie, at least in a manner of speaking.

This is hardly the only thing going on to celebrate the anniversary, with the option to claim 500 Minecoins for free being another, along with 15 days' worth of new character creator items designed to represent "a different year of Minecraft history". Because, you know, the block game is basically like a small country in terms of depth of lore and heritage nowadays.

Anyway, back to the good stuff. This easter egg I'm talking about is a little widget that currently pops up if you search, well, 'Minecraft' via your Chrome browser. If you click on the block, your cursor's swapped out for the square arm of Steve, allowing you to mash away at the search results as through they're a tree you're punching to death in the game because you need wood, night's coming, and you don't want to end up back in your bed-wetting phase.

By clicking on each of the search results, you'll bash them away to reveal little blocky shots of sections from the game's many worlds. It's quite fun for 30 seconds, as these things often are. Though, it's a good thing you're here, because I'm about to tell you how you might be able to make it fun for a couple of minutes instead.

You see, the Wikipedia entry for the upcoming Minecraft movie (the film's IMBD page is another option if that doesn't show up) - which'll no doubt be at least ok, because Jack Black's in it - is one of search results that comes up a little bit of the way down the page. So, you can punch the Minecraft movie, causing it to break, then you can reload the page, reactivate the widget, and knock its block off again.

That was round two, by the way, and so things can go on until you think you've earned a knockout. Maybe give yourself a cheeky little slap every round too, to simulate the Minecraft movie - or Hollywood as a whole - fighting back.

Disclaimer: VG247 certainly does not recommend that people hit themselves, so especially if you're a child, please just say the word 'slap' out loud instead.

Maybe go a few rounds with Cambridge university in between, which shows up because of the Mincraft mini-games it's helped create to teach young people English. Go wild. No one can stop you.

You're free.

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