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Minecraft players can claim 500 Minecoins for free to spend on skins, maps, and more through the Minecraft Marketplace and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Go on a spending spree starting May 15 - unless your doctor says you're not allowed.

Game Pass - Minecoins - Minecraft
Image credit: VG247 / Microsoft

Starting May 15, Minecraft players can claim 500 Minecoins to spend on the Minecraft Market place, for free.

It's all part of Minecraft's 15th Anniversary celebration, and Mojang has something in the works for it as the studio has said to "watch out for upcoming announcements."

You will need to be a member of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate in order to redeem the coins, as the promotion comes as part of a Game Pass Perk. You can redeem the code via the Perks section of the Xbox App on either you console of choice, or via PC. If you're not a member of Game Pass Ultimate, you can sign up for the service via the link below.

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Speaking of Minecoins, in case you missed the news back in March, Microsoft and Mojang announced a new subscription service geared towards players who download items from the Minecraft Marketplace.

For $3.99 per month or your regional equivalent, the Marketplace Pass provides access to over 150 content packs from the Minecraft Marketplace.

Items are refreshed monthly, and this is the place where you will find creator-made content such as worlds, mash-ups, skins packs, texture packs, and more. Some content is story-driven, others combat-focused, some speed you up a bit, some feature puzzles, and others are scenery-oriented.

Available for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, you’ll get a new set of Character Creator items to wear and even limited-edition pieces each month. The pass comes with a 30-day trial for new members, and the subscription kicks in at the regular membership rate unless canceled. If you already have a Realms Plus subscription, you don’t need to subscribe to the Marketplace Pass because you already have the same access to content.

Enjoy your free 500 Minecoins.

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