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Minecraft gets King Kong, Jurassic World, and Back to the Future content with Universal Studios DLC

A good alternative to the real thing.

Minecraft: Universal Studios Experience DLC
Image credit: Microsoft/Mojang

The official DLC packs for Minecraft continue to impress with a sizable Universal Studios DLC that brings the theme parks' most famous rides to PC and consoles... in blocky form.

We've been getting these for years now, but it never gets old to see vast fictional worlds and real-life locations faithfully recreated within the visual (and mechanical) confines of Mojang's hit video game.

This Universal Studios Experience DLC isn't even the first time Universal and Mojang have collaborated, as many players still remember (and play) the Jurassic World pack that was released a while back. This, however, is a much more ambitious addition to the game, as it "combines legendary attractions and experiences inspired by Universal Destinations & Experiences around the world, but also throughout the theme parks’ history." In fact, some Minecraft diehards are already saying the DLC has made them miss some now-closed attractions.

On top of the obvious stuff like Jurassic World, King Kong (Universal's, not the huge MonsterVerse one), and Back to the Future, renowned movies like The Mummy, Jaws, and E.T. (flying bikes included) round out the package, which looks stunningly faithful in the generous launch trailer.

Nearly 13 years after its original release, Minecraft continues to be the gift that keeps on giving, whether it's through user-made content/mods or the high-quality stuff that Microsoft-backed Mojang puts out. Personally, I'm also expecting it to blow up in the mainstream again when the live-action Minecraft movie (really) arrives next year.

The Universal Studios Experience DLC, built by Everbloom Games, is selling in the Minecraft Marketplace for 1510 Minecoins, which should equal less than $9.99 USD.

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