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Listen to Jack Black's dulcet tones as he seemingly confirms who he's playing in the Minecraft movie

It's exactly who you think it is.

On the left, Jack Black dressed up in a suit that resembles Bowser from Mario, sat at a peach-coloured piano. On the right, Minecraft Steve runningtowards a bee while holding a flower.
Image credit: Jack Black/ Nintendo/ Microsoft/ Mojang

Jack Black seems to have confirmed that he is in fact playing Steve in the upcoming Minecraft movie.

Earlier this year, it was reported that Black had joined the long in development Minecraft movie, supposedly as the most recognisable face from the game, Steve. His casting has since been confirmed, though his exact role hasn't been divulged. Now, thanks to a video from Black himself (via DiscussingFilm), it seems the Super Mario Bros. Movie actor has confirmed that he will be playing Steve. You can check out the video below, where Black has recorded himself singing the YouTube remix classic Double Rainbow Song while filming what looks to be just a single rainbow, though that might be down to the quality of the footage.

He then pans over to his trailer, where you can quite clearly see a piece of paper with the name STEVE on it, above the Minecraft logo, and when he enters it you can see some art of the characters from Minecraft stuck to the windows of the trailer. A little coy smile from Black at the end certainly seems to suggest that yes, he is Steve, though it's still not clear how blocky he will be in the final film.

Last year it was confirmed that the Minecraft movie will be releasing in 2025, starring Jason Momoa, though it still doesn't have a specific release date just yet. Since then, various other cast members have been added to the film, like Wednesday star Emma Myers, Danielle Brooks, Eugene Hansen, and more recently the absolute icon that is Jennifer Coolidge. We also know that Black will be singing in the movie, though whether he gets a full on ballad like the Super Mario Bros. Movie's Peaches is still unclear. Director Jared Hess is also hoping to avoid an Ugly Sonic situation, but that will obviously be up to the viewers whenever the first trailer is released.

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