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Destiny 2: Shadowkeep ability trees in the Solar subclass are being reworked

Next Season, Bungie will rework several Destiny 2 ability trees in the Solar subclasses.

Bungie will apply updates to Solar subclass abilities next season, and like Arc and Void, the combat team will be revisiting some older subclass paths to "freshen them up a bit."

After looking over some of the data, the team found that three specific subclasses were "underperforming" an in need of a rework. These Solar subclasses are Gunslinger, Sunbreaker, and Dawnblade.

With Gunslinger: Way of the Sharpshooter, the team wants to make it to where this bottom path is chosen more often for more activities other than PvE.

In order to differentiate both Golden Gun paths and make Sharpshooter more versatile, it will make the following changes: for 3-shot auto-aim distance and reliability when aiming down sights will be increased. For 6-shot, damage falloff range will be shortened to "emphasize the short-range gunfighter role with a lot of kill potential."

Then there's Weighted Knife which will be a high-damage knife throw which will travel at high speeds, bounces once, and does extra damage to the head. Precision shot final blows recharge the melee completely and will have a one-hit precision final blow in PvP.

Practice Makes Perfect will also last longer but it will give the player less energy per second. Precision hits will grant two stacks.

For Titans, changes coming to Sunbreaker will make it more competitive in PvP when using the middle path Code of the Devastator.

The Roaring Flame perk will receive a "significant buff" to its bonus damage, and the buff now lasts 25% longer, making it easier to build and retain stacks between encounters. Throwing Hammer's melee ability will be increased and with Roaring Flames active in PvP it will be much more lethal.

Burning Maul will last longer, the Throwing Hammer will have increased impact damage from 100 to 120 and an increased hammer pick-up radius will move from 2m to 3.5m. Roaring Flames will also see its damage bonus increased in PvP.

With Dawnblade top path Attunement of Sky, Icarus Dashes while in Daybreak will have increased speed and thrust. The new Celestial Fire will send a spiral of three explosive Solar projectiles, and the rework of Heat Rises will consume your grenade to extend Glide time and reduce the in-air accuracy penalties for weapons.

Other changes are coming to each subclass, and if you hit up the Bungie Weekly Update, you can learn more about the changes.

The next season for Destiny 2: Shadowkeep will start in roughly two weeks or so.

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