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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare patch removes the lengthy spawn animation in HQ and Hardpoint

There's a new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare update this week that should make playing some of the most popular modes less frustrating.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare developer Infinity Ward has released a new patch overnight on all platforms. This is a small one, designed to fix some of the bugs introduced in last week's mega 1.09 update, and make a few player-requested tweaks to gameplay.

First, the lengthy spawn-in camera in Headquarters and Hardpoint has been taken out. With a constantly moving objective, the two modes require players who die to quickly get back to defend/attack the objective, and the fly-in animation can feel cumbersome.

Free for All got some love today as well, as the developer finally made it so you never have to join an in-progress FFA game. FFA itself has been moved to the main gamemode menu, with its own filter option.

The recently added Gun Game will now allow four-player parties to join, though everyone will obviously be on their own in the match.

The nightmare that continues to be Spec Ops has also seen a few "minor" adjustments to difficulty, though early reports suggest this has more to do with AI accuracy and player flinch intensity rather than the - necessary - drastic redesign of spawns.

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Read the full change log below:

Gameplay tweaks

  • Allowing up to four-player parties in Gun Game.
  • Moving FFA to the filter menu.
  • Fixing join-in-progress for FFA to prevent finding late-progress matches.
  • Turning off spawn cameras for Headquarters and Hardpoint.

General fixes

  • Removed infils (cinematic cutscene) for both teams when loading into Piccadilly, Search and Destroy.
  • Fix for a bug where the thermal optic on the PP19 Bizon would appear white while ADS.
  • Fix for the E.O.D. perk not allowing players to hack claymores in FFA.
  • Fix for various boosting and out of bounds exploits.
  • Fix for laser sights becoming misaligned on the P90 and MP5.
  • Special Operations: minor adjustment to difficulty.

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