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Controller support returns to Call of Duty: Mobile thanks to input-based matchmaking

As promised, controller support has arrived in Call of Duty: Mobile.

After initially removing it shortly after launch, Call of Duty: Mobile developers have now brought back the ability to play using a controller, though not without some caveats.

At launch, both Xbox One and PS4 controllers are supported, whether through Bluetooth or a wired connection. You'll be able to use controllers to play the game, but you'll still need to touch your phone's screen to navigate menus and select loadouts.

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Just like Modern Warfare, Call of Duty: Mobile also matches players based on their control method. Because of this, you'll need to connect your controller before entering matchmaking.

If you prefer to use touch controls, you'll only be matched with others doing the same, unless you have a controller user in your party. Having a controller player in the party automatically opens up your lobby to other controller players.

After pairing your controller with your phone, you'll need to enable the 'Allow to use controller' option under settings. The same update that enabled controller support also added Zombies mode.

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