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Death Stranding - how to follow Higgs to the beach

Looking to follow Higgs to the beach in Death Stranding? If you’re quite a way into the game, there’s a point where you’re left without a waypoint.

Until now, your objectives have been clearly marked on your HUD, but now you’re asked to follow Higgs to the beach.

That’s right, your man Troy Baker has dicked off and he’s taken someone dear to you, disappearing into the space between the living world and the world of the dead.

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So here's how to follow Higgs to the beach in Death Stranding.

If you’ve been paying attention, it should be pretty obvious how you do this. Fragile has the ability to teleport, and she tells you during the story that this is achieved by temporarily transporting herself to the beach. From the beach, she can choose another destination in the real world and poof, she’s there.

About halfway through the story, you unlock the option to do this as well, using Death Stranding’s own take on fast travel.

To follow Higgs to the beach, all you need to do is head to the closest private room with a Fragile logo on it, sit down on the bed, and select fast travel. As soon as you do that, a cutscene will play out and you’ll be on your way to one of the coolest confrontations in the game.

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