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Kojima wants to make "the scariest horror game"

Death Stranding has launched and a Kojima horror game could be up next.

It seems the itch to make a horror game hasn't left Kojima since the unfinished P.T. launched in 2014. Although Konami canned the project, P.T., or playable teaser, was almost unanimously well-received, and people all over the world would surely be interested in another Kojima Productions venture into horror.

It's a tentative subject at the moment, but Kojima recently tweeted about P.T. and potential future horror projects:

There are two things that are amazing about this tweet: one, that Kojima believes in the ability to awaken horror souls, and two, that he rented a disc without the box because the box was too scary. It's unusual enough to see someone renting physical DVDs in 2019 — to tell a cashier, "sorry, not the box, it's a bit scary, cheers" is next level.

Either way, it seems that the "scariest" horror game is next on the agenda for Kojima Productions. If they made P.T. without even having finished The Eye, who knows what they'll come out with if they manage to see the credits roll. Is it really that scary?

On a somewhat similar note, Kojima Productions also has other plans for the future in mind. For example, it was recently announced that the studio intends to go into film production at some point.

You can read our Death Stranding review here. Death Stranding is free as part of this PS4 Black Friday bundle.

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