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Controller support is coming back to Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile will soon support controllers again, but don't expect them to work like they used to.

One day after the launch of Call of Duty: Mobile a little over a month ago, Activision took out controller support, which the game had launched with.

The developer said at the time that controllers aren't officially supported, but has since clarified that they may return in a different form. Activision is worried about the balance against touch screen players in matchmaking.

While a definitive answer has yet to be provided, the developer recently clarified on Reddit that controller support will be added "soon", reiterating that it's still finalising how controller players will be integrated into matchmaking.

Not taking Android emulators into account, there's currently no way to play Call of Duty: Mobile using a controller on either Android or iOS. This particular stance is not unique to Call of Duty; other games have either disabled support for it entirely or relegated controller players to their own lobbies.

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