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A modder is adding cut Pokemon back into Sword and Shield

Sometimes you've just got to take matters in to your own hands.

Nintendo's decision to limit just how many Pokemon you can catch in Pokemon Sword and Shield has proven controversial. But one modder has taken it upon themselves to turn things around: by adding these lost Pokemon into the game.

Modder SciresM showed off some of their early results on Twitter, including the newly added Pokemon Omastar which has been imported into the game with a bit of modding magic.

Using the editor PKHeX, SciresM has edited a Yamper and replaced its character model with Omastar - using a model imported from Let's Go, Pikachu/Eevee. It took roughly an hour to do, they said, although some animations will require more work as the Let's Go models don't include animations for Dynamixing and other features specific to Sword and Shield.

As for Sword and Shield itself, we came away with mixed feelings in the VG247 Pokémon Sword and Shield review. It’s a game that’s “ambitious in places, seemingly unfinished in others”.

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