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Minecraft Earth early access available on iOS and Android mobile devices in the US

US residents can now enjoy early access to Minecraft Earth.

Minecraft Earth early access is now available on iOS and Android mobile devices in the US.

Previously only available in the UK, Australia, Canada, Iceland, Mexico, and other regions, the US can now get in on the fun.

Alongside the news, Microsoft announced the Mobs in the Park experiential event. If you live in New York City, London or Sydney, you will find all sorts of mobs popping up. Literally.

Players in these cities will find life-sized statues. These events will feature a "customized adventure" as a way for players to get their hands-on exclusive access to the all-new, Jolly Llama mob in-game before it’s globally available in December.

You will be able to find the statues in the following locations: Hudson Yards (New York City, US); The Queen’s Walk (London, UK); Campbell’s Cove (Sydney, AU).

The events will run 10am – 7pm local time for three weekends.

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