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Death Stranding - how to find Conan O'Brien and get the Sea Otter Hood

Death Standing is full of celebrity cameos from Hideo Kojima’s mates and some of them offer up valuable rewards for finding them. In this guide, we’ll tell you how to find Conan O’Brien and get the Sea Otter Hood.

To find his prepper shelter, you need to keep an eye out for a mission that mentions a cosplayer during Episode 3. Once you have it, you need to head to a prepper shelter to the northwest out South Knot City, down in a craggy ravine about halfway to the Weather Station.

First, though, you need to make sure you pick up that Standard Delivery mission for the cosplayer at South Knot City, asking you to courier some materials to the cosplayer. It's important that you do this before heading to the shelter.

Death Stranding - where to find Conan O'Brien

The easiest way to get in is to simply get above the entrance and use a climbing anchor to rappel down. Or you can just use a motorbike and gun it down the canyon, it’s your call.

Once you’ve done the mission and got the prepper shelter onto the chiral network, you’ll meet the Wandering MC, Conan O’Brien himself. He’ll chat some otter trivia with you and eventually bestow you with your very own Otter Hood. Bring up the radial menu to equip it.

Death Stranding - how to get the Sea Otter Hood

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The Otter Hood activates in the rain and makes you look like an absolute doofus, but it has some special properties. If you find yourself swept away in a river while wearing it, you can more easily paddle to the shore. It’s the most Hideo Kojima thing ever.

If you keep doing deliveries for the cosplayer compound, you’ll also get a Conan O’Brien hologram for your upgraded structures - you just need to get their connection to Level 4.

If you want more, here are our handy Death Stranding tips for becoming the master Deliveroo driver.

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