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Ark: Survival Evolved Turkey Trial 3 - Where to find Wishbones

It's Turkey Time 3 in Ark: Survival Evolved and you'll need to battle some fearsome birds to nab some Wishbones.

There are some cool new cosmetic items up for grabs during the Turkey Trial 3 event, but you'll need to gather Wishbones from Super Turkeys in order to craft them. They can be found all over the map but do seem to have a higher spawn rate on the beach.

Don't be fooled by their appearance; these birds have around 2000 health and can regen it when attacked. They can also deal a crazy amount of damage, so be prepared before engaging one in a fight. Once you've defeated a Super Turkey, you'll be able to pick up two Wishbones which you can use at a Cooking Pot to craft some special Thanksgiving-themed items.

Turkey Trial 3 runs until December 3, so you've still got time to go hunting.

Turkey Trial 3 skin recipes

You'll need to gather quite a lot of Wishbones for each of these recipes, which means you'll need to face off every dangerous bird you come across.

  • Thanksgiving Candy: 2 Wishbones
  • Meat Swim Top: 5 Wishbones
  • Dodo Pie Swim Top: 5 Wishbones
  • Dodo Pie Swim Bottom: 5 Wishbones
  • Turkey Swim Top: 5 Wishbones
  • Turkey Swim Bottom: 5 Wishbones
  • Chieftan Hat: 10 Wishbones
  • Pilgrim Hat: 10 Wishbones
  • Bonnet Hat: 10 Wishbones
  • Turkey Hat: 10 Wishbones
  • Pitchfork weapon skin: 15 Wishbones
  • Turkey Leg weapon skin: 15 Wishbones
  • Hungry Emote: 25 Wishbones
  • Food Coma Emote: 25 Wishbones
  • Belly Rub Emote: 25 Wishbones
  • Summon DodoRex: 400 Wishbones

During the event, there will also be an increase in breeding speeds, double the XP to earn and faster Harvesting. There will also be some autumnal colours for wild creatures during Turkey Trial 3 including Dino Light Orange and Dino Darker Grey.

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