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How to get Mjolnir in Ark | Where to find Runestones and mini bosses

The legendary hammer has some tasks for you

Unlocking Mjolnir in Ark Survival Evolved is a lengthy process with multiple trials to overcome, including finding 200 Fjordur Runes, before you can even hold the hammer in your hand. And it’s just the beginning, unless you input a console command. You also need to fight six mini bosses and one final boss in total and cover almost the entire Fjordur region, so bear that in mind before you get started.

How do you unlock Mjolnier in Ark Survival Evolved?

Mjolnir is a skin for the Tek Sword, so you’ll naturally need that first. You also need to complete all boss battles that award you with ascensions and be at least level 190. You’ll probably do most of these things as you play through the game naturally, but there’s another grinder, more time-consuming requirement as well.

You need to find all 200 Fjordur Runes. These are scattered across each domain, and they’re not the easiest collectibles to spot. Expect it to take a fair bit of time. On the bright side, each one rewards you with a bit of experience, so it’s helpful in leveling up at least.

All this is laying the groundwork for holding the hammer once you acquire it, but acquiring it takes quite a bit more work.

How to get Mjolnir

Actually getting your hands on the legendary hammer involves hunting the new region’s Alphas and then defeating three mini-bosses before you can move on to the final boss.

How to get Runestones in Ark Survival Evolved

Previously, you needed Runestones to use the cave portal terminals. Now, though, you’ll use them to gain access to the Fjord mini-bosses. The only way to get Runestones is by defeating Alpha monsters. These are fairly common, and you can tell one is an Alpha by targeting it, since the word “Alpha” shows up in front of its name.

Defeating a few Alphas should be enough to earn you a few dozen Runestones, so it shouldn’t take much farming to get what you need for one mini-boss. You need to challenge all three – technically four, since one of the fights is a pair – and each requires 30 Runestones to summon.

Ark Fjordur mini-bosses

The boss hustle takes a fair bit of time, especially when you're aiming for the alpha version of each. The three island bosses require Artifacts, along with a Relic earned from defeating mini-bosses. The mini-bosses are:

  • Haiti and Skoll
  • Beyla
  • Steinbjorn

Beyla boss location

You'll find Beyla at 04.5 47. It's a challenging fight, so we recommend bringing any useful tames you have along. Interact with the boss after you defeat it to obtain the relic.

Steinbjorn boss location

Steinborn is on a separate map outside the main Fjordur region, which you can access from the Portal Cave. The Portal Cave location is at 40 48 and the terminal you want is the one on the right, but before teleporting yourself off to Steinbjorn territory, make sure you're equipped to deal with the cold. Spending time unprepared in this region will quickly reduce your health, so we recommend using fur armor.

Haiti and Skoll boss location

Head back to the Cave Portal and use the terminal in the center this time. There's no environmental consideration to worry about for this region, so just travel to 20.5 37 when you're ready to face the bosses. Don't forget to interact with both boss corpses after the fight, and make sure to grab their Runestones as well.

With Relics in hand, you can fight the island bosses next, though that, too, takes a fair bit of time. If you travel to the boss locations, you find a terminal that lets you choose which variant of the boss you want to fight and tells you what items you need to start.

Broodmother location and Artifacts in Fjordur

The Broodmother terminal is at 57 69, but the entrance to the cave where you find the terminal is at 59 64.

Broodmother Artifacts

  • Clever: 21 57
  • Hunter: 7.5 40
  • Massive: 71 01

Megapithecus location and Artifacts in Fjordur

The Megapithecus terminal is at 56 84.

Megapithecus Artifacts

  • Brute: 49.5 14
  • Devourer: 03 04
  • Pack: 21 57

Dragon location and Artifacts in Fjordur

Travel to 87 02 to find the Dragon terminal.

Dragon Artifacts

  • Cunning: 77 66
  • Immune: 91 78
  • Skylord: 8 24

You must challenge the Alpha variants of these bosses to get the necessary items used for crafting the Alpha Fenrir portal. The Mjolnir hammer only drops after you defeat Alpha Fenrir.

How to fight Fenrir in Ark Survival Evolved

Once you have all three boss trophies, take them to one of the floating Runestones in the sky to craft Fenrir’s portal. Unlike the Island Boss portals, you only need the boss drops to craft this – nothing else. Defeat Fenrir, and you get the Tek Sword Engram and the Mjolnir skin.

What is the Mjolnir console command in Ark Survival Evolved?

If you want to skip all this and instantly get the hammer, open the admin bar and type “Gfi mjolnir 100” into the text box, without the quotation marks, and you’ll get the skin instantly.

What does Mjolnir do in Ark?

Mjolnir has a few handy abilities that make combat easier. Aside from the standard hammer whack, you can fire bolts of lightning, shoot a wave of electricty, and call down a lightning bolt that spreads out once it hits the ground and continues dealing damage.

You can also and throw the hammer at foes, and it'll always come back. Finally, you can charge the hammer for an attack that always breaks the enemy's stance.

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