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Ark Fjordur gems | Where to find green, blue, and red gems

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If you’re tired of farming crafting materials in the Aberrant Cave, there’s a new set of areas to get Gems in Ark Fjordur. It takes a bit of navigating to reach these points, so you may want to put the coordinates into Ark’s console command and teleport there instantly to save time. Most of these caves have fairly powerful enemies guarding them, so expect a bit of a fight before getting your treasures.

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Where to find blue gems in Ark Fjordur

Head to 56 84 on the map, near where you can find some honey and a few Andrewsarchus roaming wild. Enter the cave system there, and you’ll find a handful of blue gem deposits. The entrance to the cave system itself is at 55 83. It’s cold inside, so make sure to wear fur equipment before going in.

You can also find blue gems in a much different area, under the green floating obelisk at around 82 20. Head inside the volcanic cavern and continue moving forward until you reach a bridge. There’s a cavern to the right – having the “fly” command on is helpful for getting there – and inside is a cluster of blue gems.

Where do you find red gems in Ark Fjordur

Red gems are in the same cave as the first set of blue gems we found, at 56 84. Further on past the blue gems, where the paths reconnect, is a cluster of red gems.

Where to find green gems in Ark Fjordur

Getting to the green gems involves some underwater spelunking. Navigate to 41 32, and dive down. Keep diving until you reach the sea floor, and then start moving forward. Get your tracker out to make sure you’re heading in the right direction, and move towards 35.7 32. This is the entrance to a cave system where you can find substantial deposits of green gems.

While you're out and about in the wilds, pick up some of Fjordur's other key crafting items, including fungal wood. It's a good idea to tame a Fjordhawk as well, especially if you tackle the expansion's final bosses to get the Mjolnir.

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