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Fortnite Fishing Guide: Where to find a fishing rod and catch Floppers and Slurpfish

You can now partake in the noble pursuit of angling while you enjoy a game of Fortnite! All around the map are new fishing spots where you can find a fishing rod and catch items like weapons, Floppers and Slurpfish.

Catching these things isn’t just fun, Slurpfish in particular are powerful healing items, so it’s worth knowing where to look.

Where to find a Fishing Rod in Fortnite

To find a fishing rod, you’re best off looking in three places.

The first is obvious: floor spawns. They seem to be slightly uncommon, but you can just find fishing rods randomly around the map as you would any other loot. However, it’s not the most reliable way to track one down.

You can also find fishing rods in chests. Although again, it’s not guaranteed - especially since chests aren’t a 100% spawn themselves.

But finally, in certain locations on the map you can find barrels full of fishing poles for you and you duo, trio, or squad to grab.

These tend to spawn in watery locations, or on sandy beaches all over the new map. Try looking for them at the Lake Canoe landmark, or the beach in the southeast of the island, or named locations like Lazy Lake, the body of water to the north of Misty Meadows, or the southern part of Dirty Docks.

When you grab your fishing rod, all you need to do is press the fire button to cast out your line - then press it again once you see your like tweak and feel a pull.

What fish can you catch in Fortnite?

To catch things, look for bubbling on the surface of water - this is where the fish are:

There are four main types of things that you can catch with your Fortnite fishing rod: Materials, Weapons, Floppers, and Slurpfish.

Materials speak for themselves, but usually come in smash-ish bundles like you’d find out of a chest.

As for weapons, it’s generally higher rarity equipment that will surface out of a fishing hole - usually around purple (Epic) rarity. This can be useful if you find yourself in an area with a spot, but not many floor spawns to harvest.

Floppers are the regular, red/orange fish you can catch from swimming holes - you can see them swimming underwater if you dive over towards a spot. When caught, you can pick them up to use as a fast healing item. They only take about a second to use, but heal around the same amount as a bandage.

Slurpfish are more powerful though. They still take about a second to use, but restore 50 points to both your health and shields. Keeping one of these in your backpack could really help out in a pinch, so they’re worth holding onto if you’ve got enough weapons.

Effectively using fishing spots and fish will help you to advance your way up the season tiers, and earn tons of Fortnite’s new progression medals on your way to collecting all the cool new battle pass skins like Rippley and Fusion.

Around new mechanic dotted around the map are Upgrade Benches, where you can swap materials for higher rarity weapons.

As for the more traditional challenges, check out where to find the F in Fortnite from the Week 1 Loading Screen here.

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