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Cory Barlog says he'd love a God of War PC port

Celebrated God of War director Cory Barlog recently stated that he would love to see a God of War PC port.

After being officially crowned GOTY in 2018, God of War earned its place among the pantheon of all-time great games and succeeded in reinvigorating the illustrious franchise by reinventing Kratos. However, given Sony Santa Monica's nature as a PlayStation studio, it was never released on other platforms, exclusively limiting its audience to PS4 users.

Recently, however, Barlog responded to a fan on Twitter in relation to whether or not God of War would ever be PC-compatible. "You know, I would love that," he wrote. "It is, sadly, a decision far above my paygrade. As is proven on a daily basis, I am no Kojima."

The fan's question was sprung after Barlog responded to a prompt on Twitter about whether or not Death Stranding's non-exclusivity mattered, considering it was recently announced that Kojima's latest would be coming to PC in early summer 2020. In Barlog's eyes, it seems, the pointless console wars are emphatically pointless.

Theoretically speaking, you can already God of War on your computer if you have an active PS Now subscription, so there isn't really a need for Sony to release the rights to a God of War PC port this late in the day.

Anyway, if it were to be officially released on PC fans would probably hide it from their trophy list or burn their hard copies in protest. After all, that's essentially what happened when thousands of people dramatically announced they were cancelling their Death Stranding pre-orders because it was no longer PS4-exclusive, because that's apparently what mature people who enjoy playing video games do.

You can read our Death Stranding review here, or watch our video review below. Death Stranding launches on November 8, 2019 for PS4.

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