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Sony keeps finding success on PC as Ghost of Tsushima manages to take over God of War as PlayStation's biggest Steam launch

Took a few days, but it got there.

Ghost of Tsushima showing the main character, Jin, stood in a field of white feathery flowers, sword in one hand, mask in the other.
Image credit: Sucker Punch Productions

Ghost of Tsushima might have had a slightly slower start than God of War on PC, but over the weekend it took the top spot for PlayStation's biggest PC launch.

Sony has slowly but surely been bringing some of its biggest names to PC over the past few years, and God of War has kept the top spot in terms of launch numbers since it arrived on the platform in 2022. That is, until last week, when Ghost of Tsushima finally arrived on PC. The Sucker Punch developed game didn't quite manage to reach God of War's heights at first, only hitting just under 58,000 concurrent players the first day after launch compared to Kratos' peak of just under 74,000 players. However, it turns out that all Ghost of Tsushima needed was a little bit of time, as over the weekend quite a few more players flocked to it, helping it reach a peak of 77,154, a good amount higher than God of War's own record (via SteamDB).

That weekend boost has dethroned God of War's long-held record, knocking down Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered to third place too with its own peak of 66,436 concurrent players. Of course, all of this is ignoring Helldivers 2, though that one's a bit of a special case given it launched simultaneously on PlayStation and PC, whereas titles like Ghost of Tsushima, God of War, and Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered released on PC years after their PlayStation launches.

These numbers are also pretty good for Ghost of Tsushima considering how many countries it isn't releasing in due to PlayStation's annoying insistence that PC players connect a PSN account to their games. Ghost of Tsushima doesn't technically need one if you're just playing the single-player component, but it does have a multiplayer mode, Legends, which does require it. That particular issue followed on from the similar Helldivers 2 fiasco, though Sony did walk back the requirement after some, uh, fan feedback. Maybe Sony will get it right eventually!

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