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There's a nasty Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order bug that could block your progress

If you're a very persistent player, you may end up accidentally triggering a certain problem in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order has its fair share of technical issues, but most of these are around performance, with a few bugs here and there due to a lack of polish.

That said, players have run into an especially frustrating progression block. After ending your first visit to Bogano, you're given a choice between travelling to Zeffo - which is what the game suggests - or Dathomir, where you can earn a certain upgrade ahead of time.

Players soon realise, however, that much of Dathomir is inaccessible simply because many sections require Force powers you've yet to unlock at that point. In one particular spot, you can see a gap between two platforms that's just out of reach.

Most people usually turn back after failing to cross it without a double-jump, but those who actually manage to do it may end up getting themselves stuck. Without spoiling it, the area you end up in requires even more Force powers you don't have access to at that point. There's no way to go back since this follows a scripted sequence.

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If you're unlucky enough to sit at a Meditation Point after that jump, you won't be able to travel back to the one before the jump.

Kotaku first reported this when former staffer Kirk Hamilton ran into it, and it appears the issue is already on EA's radar. A thread on EA's Answers HQ help forum has many players posting about the same exact experience, all of whom are forever stuck.

"We’re aware of this issue and working on a fix. We’re going to continue to work on the performance in the game and release patches as needed so players can enjoy their time with the game," EA told Kotaku.

Fallen Order has already received its first patch on PC, but it was a small one meant to fix a few minor problems. It's not clear when a fix will be implemented, but considering how early it is in the story, your best bet is biting the bullet and starting over.

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