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Steam Remote Play Together feature is out of beta and available to all Steam users

Valve has launched its new Steam Remote Play Together feature alongside a sale to celebrate.

After a month in beta, Steam Remote Play Together is now released to all Steam users.

With this feature, you can now play local multiplayer on iOS and Android devices. The feature enables cross-platform play across Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, and Android.

Up to four players, "or even more in ideal conditions," can start playing together as long as the host owns and has installed the game. Additional players can then connect through Steam Remote Play using PC or the Steam Chat and Steam Link mobile apps.

To celebrate the release, Steam is hosting a Remote Play Together Sale and Streaming Event starting today. You can expect hundreds of games that support the new feature to be on sale through November 25. This includes titles such as Rayman Legends, Overcooked, Cuphead, and more.

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