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The Outer Worlds credits include D&D characters

You probably didn't imagine you'd see an Outer Worlds D&D homage as soon as the credits started to roll, but sometimes you have to expect the unexpected.

The Outer Worlds launched a little over a week ago to almost unanimous critical acclaim. The first RPG from veteran studio Obsidian in donkey's years, the highly-anticipated game has been dubbed as a tasteful blend of Fallout: New Vegas and Mass Effect 2. You can read our Outer Worlds review here.

What you might not have known is that the folks over at Obsidian are avid pen-and-paper players, and participated in a lengthy Dungeons and Dragons campaign prior to wrapping development on The Outer Worlds. A lot of devs vicariously died through their respective characters, with Dungeon Master John Cotto, who joined Obsidian's ranks back in 2016, appearing to be quite a tough cookie to play under.

A recent Polygon report drew attention to the section of the credits that reads, "John Cotto's 5e campaign - Happily Ever After?" Apparently each of the names listed in this section once belonged to a now-deceased D&D character played by an Obsidian team member. These characters all died during the development of The Outer Worlds, and include everything from Monk Bugbears to Arcane Tricksters. Now, their memory has been immortalized in the credits of the game they helped inspire.

outer worlds d&d

(Image credit: Polygon)

If you're playing through The Outer Worlds at the moment, be sure to consult our range of Outer Worlds guides. We can tell you how to get the best Outer Worlds ending, and instruct you on how to approach quests like Radio Free Monarch, The Empty Man, and Canid's Cradle. Just remember, if you're looking for a new Fallout experience, The Outer Worlds will likely do a whole lot more for you than the recently announced Fallout 76 premium service — which isn't even premium, actually.

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