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725 shotgun and M4 hit with another nerf in new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare patch, footstep sounds made quieter

Less than a week on from the recent Call of Duty: Modern Warfare patch, Infinity Ward has released a new one.

Today's update is live for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare players on all platforms, bringing yet another round of balance tweaks and fixes to some of the most enduring bugs.

Having promised a major overhaul of footstep sounds in Friday's update, Infinity Ward has now implemented said changes in the new patch. Moving while aiming down sights will now only play walking footstep sounds regardless of how fast you're moving, and the same goes for crouch movement, making both much quieter.

The 725 shotgun, which got a first round of nerfs earlier, has once again had its range reduced. The versatile M4A1 also got a reduction to headshot damage, and an increase to its hipfire spread. It's not all nerfs, though, as the update reduced the recoil of the FAL and increased its ADS speed. The EB-14 likewise also got an ADS speed boost.

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Riot shields didn't get any nerfs, but Infinity Ward fixed a few bugs that would sometimes make it frustrating to go against a shield player. Shield carriers should now take explosive damage more consistently. The shield should also no longer stow on the player's back when using Stim.

Another big fix in today's update has to do with the dreaded Piccadilly map, which got some spawn tuning love in TDM and Domination. The B flag in Domination has also been moved to be near the busses instead of at the centre fountain.

Finally, the developer made a number of fixes for challenges resetting or being out of sync, and fixed a bug that would cause "DEV ERROR 5476."

Check out the full set of patch notes on Reddit.

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