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Good Juju is a Borderlands 3 gun that's basically Bad Juju from Destiny

It seems someone at Borderlands 3 dev Gearbox is an avid Destiny fan, because they've created a very earnest reference to Bungie's shooter.

Borderlands 3 players came across a new Legendary assault rifle in the game called Good Juju. If the name doesn't immediatly ring a bell; it is an Easter egg referencing the Destiny (and Destiny 2) pulse rifle Bad Juju.

Just in case the name and weapon design weren't obvious enough, Gearbox also made sure the rest of the weapon's make-up stands out. Good Juju is a burst-fire assault rifle that reloads on kill, has a similar look to Bad Juju. Further proving the lineage, Good Juju's flavour text reads, "Kinda sorta wants to end all existence", a refrence to Bad Juju's own "If you believe your weapon wants to end all existence, so it will."

YouTuber Joltzdude139 made a video showing off Good Juju, which you can watch below:

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As others pointed out on Reddit, this isn't the first time Borderlands 3 made a nod to Destiny. There's a rare enemy called Dinklebot that drops a Loot-O-Gram, which can be turned in for a weapon.

Dinklebot being, of course, the nickname the community gave the original Ghost, which used to be voiced by Peter Dinklage.

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