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Splinter Cell tweet from Ubisoft Spain could be teasing something - or not

Ubisoft Spain tweeted an image of Splinter Cell star Sam Fisher, and the internet went nuts.

At least those following the Ubisoft Spain account did. How dare they tease us with a Splinter Cell image with no context.

Here's the tweet.

Translated it reads: "You need to understand the darkness to face it."

While it could just be an off-hand tweet, with zero meaning behind it, it's possible the Twitter account is teasing something.

Ubisoft is said to have a Splinter Cell VR game in the works with Facebook. In July it was reported that Facebook had signed a VR-exclusivity deal with Ubisoft to develop Assassin’s Creed and Splinter Cell for its Oculus headset.

The company also has two triple-A titles in the works slated for release in the next fiscal year. Could one be a new Splinter Cell entry or a remastered release? Who knows.

We do know that Ubisoft wants to “come back big” with Splinter Cell and with “new types of experiences” at some point. The firm even said it was currently “working on the brand” in order to bring it back at some point.

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