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Grab a Fortnite Stormtrooper skin from the item shop or by purchasing Jedi: Fallen Order

Fortnite players have a new skin available, and it ties into Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

A new skin modeled after the Imperial Stormtrooper is now available for Fortnite.

It looks rather cool. I mean, who wouldn't want to dress up like a Stormtrooper? Sure they are fodder for Jedi, but they are iconic and look super cool.

If you want the skin for Fortnite, there are two ways to obtain it.

You can purchase it directly from the item shop for 1,500 V-Bucks, or you can buy Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order from the Epic Games Store.

The skin offer with the game is available until November 30, so if you were planning on buying Jedi: Fallen Order anyway, do so by that date.

Respawn Entertainment's title released today, and you can look over the review scores in our round-up.

We also have a few tips for you on how to master the Force, where to find lightsaber parts, and how to get that cool double-bladed Lightsaber.



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