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Pokemon Sword and Shield should no longer crash your Roku

Roku has issued a firmware update that should take care of the bizarre problem caused by playing Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Shortly after the launch of Pokemon Sword and Shield on Nintendo Switch, players began reporting a strange problem on their Roku devices that would overload them and send them to a boot loop.

This affected standalone Roku sticks as well as TVs running Roku's package. After some testing, players found out that it was the Switch causing this, but only when playing the new Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Some suggest the game's need to scan for nearby Switch consoles is what's causing this. There also appear to be similarities between Roku's code and Pokemon's, adding to the issue.

The company recommends updating your Roku device firmware. If it's stuck in the boot loop, you'll first need to turn off your Switch, and restart your Roku. If you can't access the Switch causing this, turn off your Roku and plug it in again later until you're able to get past the boot loop and update.

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