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Spider-Man: Miles Morales Ultimate Edition will take up at least 105GB on PS5

Spider-Man: Miles Morales Ultimate Edition is going to take up a lot of space on your PlayStation 5's SSD.

Ahead of any day one patches that may arrive for the title, it looks like the next-gen title is going to take up a big chunk of your solid-state drive space.

After the revelation that the Ultimate Edition of the game will arrive with a remastered version of the base PS4 game at the PS5 Showcase, we've now got an idea of just how much space the game will take up.

According to the PlayStation website, the Spider-Man: Miles Morales Ultimate Launch Edition weighs in at 105GB minimum, with the regular edition of the game taking up just 50GB minimum.

Why is the Ultimate Edition so big? Well, developer Insomniac Games has explained that art assets “have been completely updated” to take advantage of the PS5’s power.

That means the game will have improved lighting, updated skin, eye, hair and facial animations, ray-tracing, and more besides. So that explains the massive size.

A site for Demon's Souls has also gone live, revealing the game requires a minimum of 66GB of space on your drive.

Miles Morales, and the PS5 remaster of Spider-Man will be available at the PS5’s launch from November 12. The base game – without the remaster – is priced $50, and the Ultimate Edition will set you back $70 (like most other PS5 games).

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