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Your PSN and Steam accounts can now be linked

One step closer to true cross connectivity?

Good news everyone! You can now link together your Steam and PSN accounts. In case you’re not shaking in your boots, screaming and soiling yourself in hype, this means you can claim some super rad free stuff on PC versions of certain PlayStation titles. Snark and sarcasm aside, this marks the latest step in Sony’s invasion of the PC platform.

You want an example of some of the perks? How about Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales buddy? If you link together your Steam and PSN accounts, you can claim some cosmetics and in-game bonuses including the Resilient Suit, and early unlock of the Concussive Blast, and two skills points.

Watch the PC teaser for Miles Morales here!

But what else does this mean, aside from Miles Morales players getting a nice little boost if they decide to pick up the game on the PC right now. Well, as briefly mentioned earlier, it’s a rather major milestone in Sony’s slow but steady trudge onto the platform. We’ve seen it make pushes here and there with services like PlayStation Now allowing you to play games like Bloodborne on PC for a while now, but this newfound connectivity adds some extra justification for porting over Sony’s biggest titles to the platform.

However, that doesn’t mean you should expect simultaneous releases any time soon. Only last week, PlayStation boss Herman Hulst stated that Sony first-party games won’t be released on PC for “at least a year” after their PlayStation launch, reinforcing their console-first stance that we’ve come to expect from the megacorporation.

However, this easing of the reins does imply an acknowledgement of the platform's strength as an additional source of players, and of course sales. This also may not be true for live service titles. As Hulst later states in the above piece that live service games may be released earlier than that one-year benchmark. Sony has previously announced their intentions to release upwards of 10 live service games, and with Sony stating its desire to support crossplay, having these launch on both PC and PlayStation may help in establishing a major hitter in the space.

It’s still far from the approach taken by Microsoft, it having essentially treated both PC and Xbox consoles as two halves of the same business strategy with Game Pass and joint release dates. However, it’s worth noting it's got the infrastructure to support that, whereas Sony is an outsider to the PC ecosystem for the most part.

What do you think of all this? Do you see much of a point in linking your Steam and PSN accounts together? Let us know! For more Sony news, check out our recent piece on the PS5 getting jailbroken recently!

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