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Sony plans to release 10 live service games by 2026

The Bungie acquisition was partially made in order to capitalize on the studio's expertise and technologies in the live service space.

Sony plans to develop more than 10 live service games within the next four years.

Speaking in a call to investors, Sony said one of the reasons it acquired Bungie was due to its expertise and the technologies it has developed in the live games services space.

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Because Bungie succeded in incorporating live game services into its franchise Destiny, it has accumulated a wealth of experience and technology in the space which Sony intends to capitalize upon.

The company said it intends to utilize these strengths when developing game IP at the PlayStation studios as it expands into the live game services area. Through close collaboration between Bungie and the PlayStation Studios, it aims to launch these titles by the fiscal year ending March 31, 2026.

Catalyzed by the acquisition of Bungie, Sony also intends to accelerate the growth of its first party game software revenue aiming to more than double the current amount by fiscal year 2025.

The strategic significance of this acquisition not only lies in gaining the studio's live service experience, but also in obtaining the Destiny franchise, as well as major new IP that Bungie is currently developing.

Through this acquisition, Sony intends to acquire new users and increase engagement on platforms other than PlayStation, which will enable it to significantly advance its long-term growth strategy for further expanding the ecosystem of the game business.

The deployment of IP on multiple platforms is seen as a major growth opportunity for Sony, which has been evidenced by the successful PC version of God of War and its other first party games.

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