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Spelunky 2 reviews roundup – all the scores

The sequel to one of the most-loved indie games of the few generations launches on September 15 for PS4 and September 29 for PC, and it's already looking like a classic.

Spelunky 2  is the sequel to the critically-acclaimed roguelike platformer that received near-universal praise when it launched in 2008. Derek Yu's follow up has some mighty big shoes to fill, then.

Blitworks' follow-up to the original uses the randomized challenges that made the original a roguelike classic as a jumping-off point: the devs promise more depth, more tools, and more mysteries as part of the Spelunky 2 experience.

Better yet, there's also online multiplayer: something the original was, frankly, crying out for.

So far, it's safe to say the game is a resounding success – outlets everywhere are raving about the game and dishing out praise for the punishing 2D title.

To make life that tiny bit easier for you, we’ve compiled a full Spelunky 2 reviews roundup to give you an easy-to-digest critical overview of what impressions are looking like across the industry.

There are also some unscored reviews you can read, too.

Spelunky 2 launches in just a few days on PlayStation 4. For those of you planning to play the game on PC, though, this one might be a tough wait.

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