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The Division 2 is getting a new replayable PvE mode in The Summit

The Division 2 does not have its own Underground-style repeatable PvE activity, but it's getting one soon.

After months of hints and teasers, Ubisoft has finally, officially unveiled The Summit for The Division 2. The Summit is a PvE experience similar to Underground from the original game.

The Summit takes place in a 100-floor skyscraper, which players will have to go through floor by floor, facing off enemies from the game's various factions, including those found in New York. It will also feature boss fights, and a randomised set of objectives players will be tasked with completing. With each floor, the difficulty increases, making for a unique PvE experience.

On this week's State of the Game developer stream, the team at Ubisoft shared the first details about The Summit, helpfully collated by Reddit user JokerUnique. For starters, the activity is free to owners of Warlords of New York.

It is playable solo or with three other players, and enemy numbers and difficulty will scale. The Summit also supports matchmaking.

It will take you roughly the same time to clear ten floors as it does to liberate a Stronghold, so that is a sizeable length of time. The layout of every floor is authored, but the enemies, items, objectives etc. are all randomised. Every ten floors, the game spawns a boss. When defeated, you unlock a Rally Point, meaning this floor now becomes your starting floor.

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If you decide to stop for the day, that is the floor you'll be returning to the next time. This is particularly helpful given how increasingly difficult each floor gets. The Division 2 players should be familiar with the difficulty ramp up, too, because it mirrors the game's various difficulty settings. It goes from normal all the way up to legendary.

Th Summit also has another checkpointing system beyond Rally Points. Every third floor has an elevator, which is what you will return to upon death.

The best part is that you won't have to wait too long to get your hands on it. The Summit is part of title update 11, which is set to release sometime this month. Players who want to try it out even earlier can look forward to the PTS reopening (PC only) this Friday, September 4.

Alongside The Summit, title update 11 also introduces the ability to transmogrify gear, which allows players to change the look of any piece of gear (except Exotics) into that of any other one they like.

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