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Control Deluxe Edition owners accidentally get upgraded to Ultimate Edition after 505 Games said it wasn't possible

505 Games has done something it said couldn't be done.

Earlier this week, a number of players who own Control's Deluxe Edition reported that the game's recently released Ultimate Edition was seemingly stealthily added to their PlayStation Network libraries.

Upon visiting the Ultimate Edition's page on the PlayStation Store, they were greeted with a download button, rather than a purchase button. Others, who owned the base game and the season pass, also saw the same option to download. A large enough number of players were affected that many shared the good news on Resetera and Twitter.

None of those people actually bought the Ultimate Edition, but everyone assumed publisher 505 Games had granted them access given that they already own all of its content, having purchased it separately or as part of the Deluxe Edition.

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This appears to have happened only on the PlayStation Store, and not in every region. Unfortunately, it was a mistake, as the purchase button has now reappeared, crushing their hopes of free next-gen upgrades.

Nonetheless, this doesn't look good for 505 Games, who went to great lengths to try and explain why there was nothing that could be done to convert the Deluxe Edition into Ultimate, leaving those players behind.

Accidental or not, this at least proves that the very thing 505 Games said wasn't possible, was in fact possible. For reference, the content is identical across the Deluxe and Ultimate editions, but only the latter offers a free next-gen upgrade. Existing owners, even if they already have access to the same content, will need to buy the Ultimate Edition if they're looking to play the game on PS5 or Xbox Series X/S.

We've asked 505 Games to clarify what happened and will update the story if we hear back.

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