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Need a break from Starfield? Xbox is offering free days on some great games... and Rockay City

At least Control is one of the games!

If you're already feeling a bit burnt out from Starfield, Xbox currently has an offer for some free play days on at least one good game, and one not so good one.

For those of you that are subscribed to either Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, Xbox is currently offering some free play days on a trio of games that you can sink your teeth into. The biggest of the lot is easily Remedy Entertainment's Control, the surreal third person shooter that follows Jesse Faden, the new director of the Bureau of Control, looking for her brother. This one gets a big thumbs up from me, Control easily has some of the best vibes video games has to offer, and our review painted a very favourable picture too.

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It's also only about 11 hours long, and with the free play days already available from today, running until this Sunday September 10, you've probably got enough time to get through the main story. You also get a limited time discount so you can pick it up for cheap if you decide you're vibing with it. With the game being as cheap as six quid, it doesn't really sound like you can lose.

Aside from Control, you can also play Madden NFL 24, which only just launched last month. This one will obviously be better suited for sports game fans, but it's a good way to try it out if you weren't exactly sure about it up until now.

Lastly, there's… Crime Boss: Rockay City. This is what I meant when I said one not so good one, considering that the game is essentially tantamount to elder abuse. But hey, look, it's your life, you spend what little time you have of it on whatever games you want! Seriously though, maybe just play Control instead.

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