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Ninja Gaiden Trilogy seemingly headed to PS4 and Switch

We may not have gotten a new Ninja Gaiden game this generation, but a remaster of the classics is on its way.

The website for Game Source Entertainment, a big video game distributor in Hong Kong, was recently updated with listings for Ninja Gaiden Trilogy, on both PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

First spotted on Reddit, both listings have since been removed, though you can still reach a cached version of the Switch page.

The release supposedly includes Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, and Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge. The collection is listed for release in March 2021. It's not clear if this is a remaster of some sort, or simply a re-release.

It's also unclear whether it'll arrive on other platforms. In some cases, regional distributors carry the versions they know will sell in their region, even if other versions on competing platforms exist.

In any case, TGS is coming up soon, which is where publisher Koei Tecmo could announce it.

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