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Wasteland 3 Don't You Be My Neighbour Quest - How to enter Irv's apartment

As you transition between areas in Wasteland 3, you'll overhear a call on the Rangers radio frequency from Mrs Wong. There's trouble in the Sans Luxe apartment block, and the Marshals won't lift a finger to help. On the second call, Ramirez will give you the quest start - Don't You Be My Neighbour - with an instruction to meet Mrs Wong at her home.

You can find the Sans Luxe apartments on the eastern side of Market Square in Colorado Springs. If you haven't cleared them already, there will be a roaming band of grave robbing thieves looting the bodies of officers killed in the initial Dorsey raid.

Once they're dealt with, use the intercom on the left-hand side of the door, speak to Mrs Wong, and transition into the apartment.

Wasteland 3 Don't You Be My Neighbour Quest

Speak to Mrs Wong on your right and she’ll ask you to investigate the apartment of Irv, her tenant, after some disturbing noises were heard coming from his flat. Irv's apartment is number 3, but you can search the other 3 apartments next to Mrs Wong before you move on.

In the room next to Rosie with all the cats is a drug stash with a load of smokes and an evidence tape to listen to.

In Apartment 1, there’s a box of loot and a mechanic 5 generator that opens a door. Inside is another Cyborg Chicken like you found during the Cornered Rats quest to add to your party with 3 Animal Whisperer. You'll also find a weapon cache - lockpick 2 - and an armour box. If you're short on lockpicking skill, then you should find a skill book lying around too.

Pacing inside Apartment 2 is the less than friendly Frank Pappas. He does nothing yet but tell you to hit the dusty.

You can open Apartment 5 with Lockpick 3, and it has a booze box inside.

Then with Apartment 6 - which you need Lockpick 4 to access - has Satoshi inside. He gives you a weird box that you’re not allowed to open or get rid of. This doesn't feature in this quest, so don't worry if you don't have the required skill to enter.

Further up the hall there’s a door you can just open which has a level 4 toaster and another loot box inside.

Finally make your way to Apartment 3. This can either be opened with Lockpick 5, which is really high for this far in the game, or you can smash it down with a melee weapon. To do this, select the attack command from the bar across your screen, then click the apartment door. It takes a lot of whacks, but you won't alert the people inside.

Wasteland 3 Irv's Apartment

Inside Irv's apartment, there’s a tripwire that needs to be disarmed with Sneaky Shit 4. Marshal Kwon should have or be close to this requirement.

Once you're past that, there are three strong, aggressive Irv Clones.

Sneaking and using the computer without getting detected does nothing. You'll need to fight the Irv clones and they’re really hard - they use what are probably Weird Science weapons and throw Honey, I Shrunk the Kids grenades that debuff your characters dramatically.

Their field of view is limited, so make sure to position your party strategically on the left hand side of the room where they cant see, then shoot the hydrogen canister when two are next to it to get the jump on them.

Once they’re down, they drop a scientist outfit. Search the room and return to Rosie.

She wants proof, so go back to Apartment 3 and stand one of your rangers on the platform next to the computer. Then send a different character to the other one across the room.

Now with a third character, interact with the terminal and “begin the experiment”. This spits out some info, moves your objective to finding Irv, and gives the two characters you chose a random status that can only be removed by a doctor. This shouldn't be too much of an issue if you've completed Top Doc from the Full House quest.

Speak to Rosie and inform her of what happened. Tell her to keep out of the room, then head to the book shop in market square. Irv is found on the northern side of the statue.

Tell him you were attacked by the clones and tell him they’re dead. He levels with you that he’s a clone too after a few sympathetic dialogue options, so continue asking questions, then ultimately say you believe him.

Now, you can either arrest him and turn him to the Marshals, let him be if he promises to be good, or invite him to the Ranger HQ.

Personally, I'd say the reward for welcoming him onto the team far outweighs the other options. Inviting him to HQ lets him help out at the med bay, where he brings along his cloning equipment to make copies of characters on your team! If you pick this resolution, everyone’s happy with how things turned out when you speak to them - including Rosie Wong.

Or if you'd rather have nothing to do with Irv, you can throw him in your jail, or send him to the Marshals to further sweeten them to your cause.

Head back to Sans Luxe whatever you decide and Rosie gives you your reward. With a job well done, your fame increases and no one else has to die.

If you added Irv to your roster, then you can now meet him back at base. After a quick chat, you can then clone members of your party at the med bay!

Following this story, you'll be able to complete the main quest Little Trouble in Big Vegas - which we have a guide on, here.

Then after that - or in whatever order you fancy - you'll be able to take on the Unwelcome Guests quest from Gideon Reyes, which we also have a guide for.

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