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Twitch Watch Party lets streamers and viewers watch stuff together

Viewers will need Prime to participate in Twitch Watch Party.

Twitch Watch Parties is leaving closed beta and is officially being rolled out to Twitch creators worldwide.

The feature allows creators and viewers to connect by watching movies or TV shows together through Prime Video.

How it works, is you share the screen. Your webcam appears in the video player above Chat so your community can see you react to everything going on in what you are watching.

Viewers around the world can participate in Watch Parties if the title is available with a Prime or Prime Video subscription in their region.

The viewers can show their support like they normally would with Bits and Subs.

Here's how to get started in Watch Parties:

  • Add the Watch Party Quick Action to your Stream Manager
  • Connect Watch Parties to your Prime or Prime Video account
  • Choose the Prime Video movie or TV show you want to watch with your community
  • Go live with your webcam and mic
  • Start your Watch Party and enjoy yourself with the community

Sounds like another fun way to connect to viewers.

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