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Thymesia reviews round-up - all the scores

If you're done with Elden Ring, Thymesia might be the homage to a different flavour of FromSoft game you need.

OverBorder Studio's first project is one that may be biting off more than it can chew. Thymesia is a Souls-like inspired mainly by Bloodborne, with a few hints of Sekiro thrown in for good measure.

The indie game arrives this Thursday, August 18, but is it worth playing? Well, that's what we hope this story will answer. As we like to do, we've rounded up all of the review scores from games media to help you make a decision.

Thymesia is a challenging game of deflects, dodges and a Plague mechanic that wants you to keep up the pressure. Attacking enemies in Thymesia only wounds them, befitting the plague doctor theme. To truly kill an enemy, you must capitalise on the advantage, turning temporary wounds into permanent damage.

Your Claw is the main tool to do just that. When you're not performing the normal combat dance, you'll be experimenting with Plague Weapons, which are sort of like the Ashes of War or magic abilities you might've seen in FromSoft games.

Thymesia is a short game; you're looking at around ten hours to finish it, and more if you decide to go for the different endings and/or experiment with builds. You can re-spec your Talents at any point in the game for free, making that process trivial.

Are Plague Weapons made of Plague, or are they just plagued normal weapons?

If you're intrigued, you might want to see what ourselves and other reviewers are saying.

Thymesia is out August 18 on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S. A Switch Cloud version also arrives on the same day.

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