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Destiny 2 showcase recap: Destiny 2: Lightfall, Season of Plunder, Epic partnership and no more sunsetting!

There's lots of new content on the horizon to look forward to.

With the Destiny 2 showcase stream, we’ve gotten a new trailer for the upcoming Lightfall expansion through a sick new cinematic trailer, new details on Season 18, and info on improving the new player experience. It was a giant show — with loads to see!

While Destiny 2: Lightfall releasing on February 28, 2023 is the biggest news (you can watch this new trailer below!), we’ve wrapped up everything discussed in the Destiny 2 showcase recap below!

Watch the shiny cinematic trailer for Lightfall here!

Destiny 2: Lightfall

The Witness in Destiny 2
The Witness is coming.

Callus and his Shadow Legion army are pumped up with darkness powers from the Witness, and laying siege to Neomuna — a giant new city hidden on Neptune. There, we’ll fight off this new force with the help of Cloud Striders — protectors of the planet not connected to The Traveller, but able to hold their own nonetheless.

Instead of just having pumped up new Cabal forces, Tormentors are on the way. These are massive scythe wielding enemies that act as this kind of mini-boss character you have to fend off.

Players in Destiny 2: Lightfall will be able to make use of a brand new darkness power called The Strand. Warlocks can telepathically pull matter out of the strand and shoot out missiles. Titans can weave Strand claws and do AOE slashing damage around you. Finally, Hunters create a rope dart with the Strand which they swing around to attack enemies.

The new Lightfall campaign will come with a legendary difficulty again, which according to the devs was a “huge hit” in Witch Queen.

New Player experience.

The onboarding experience is easier too. Players will be able to form groups easier and have a better way of learning the game through Guardian Ranks. These are “highly focused” ranks that force you to learn the intricacies of Destiny 2 to progress, giving newer players a track they can follow to figure things out.

A looking for group system is also coming, meaning you don’t have to jump on Discord to take on raids at last.

Commendations are also coming — a way of rewarding players post team content that allows you to reward team mates for doing a good job.

An overhauledmod manager is on the way too. This will be “one screen you can go to where you can build your whole character”. This will be similar to the cosmetic rework that came to Destiny 2 a while back, streamlining the process.

Season 18 — Season of Plunder

The new season of Plunder launches today, and will last until December 6, 2022. You can watch the new trailer for it below:

Check out the Season of Plunder trailer here, plus some footage of the returning King's Fall raid.

Go to the stars and digging up buried treasure. Invading enemy spaceships. Learning more about some of our favourite characters. Eramus is unfrozen now and heading off to find hidden relics, so you form a pirate crew including Drifter, Mythrax, Spider and more.

There’s a new six player offensive called Ketch Crash. You fight on the deck of spaceships, launching yourself from a cannon onto an enemy ship and messing enemies up.

Pirate guardian in Destiny 2 season of Plunder
The new pirate armour and weapons look amazing.

Expedition is also coming. You guide a massive drill to dig up pirate treasure with other players as enemies try to fend you off

Pirate hideouts are coming too - you can piece together pirate maps which you can reconstruct and use to find pirate hoards and find dark relics that Eramus is looking for.

In addition, the new season is coming with Arc 3.0 — bringing a reformed aggressive ability type for a hyper-aggressive season.

Kings Fall raid returns

Kings Fall raid re-release in Destiny 2
Grab your palls and kill Oryx...again

King’s Fall is back and free for all players. This raid, which was first released back in 2015, has you fight off Oryx on his throne ships, and comes with unique armour and weapons you can’t get anywhere else.

Destiny on the Epic Games Store

Look at everything the Epic x Bungie partnership is bringing with this new trailer!

Today, Destiny 2 is launching on the Epic Games Store. All of the game and its expansion is headed there, and if you download it in the next week on that platform you get all the 30th anniversary bonus content for free.

Destiny 2 skin in Fall Guys
Be a Titan and grab the crown!

As part of this promotion, Destiny 2 skins are officially coming to Fortnite and Fall Guys. Represent your favourite Sci-fo FPS by grabbing other players and throwing them into the goop — you know you want to.

No more Destiny expansion sunsetting

Destiny 2 has received criticism for phasing out expansion content in the past, but this will no longer be happening, as sunsetting expansions is no more. Great news for those who like to pop back into old content every now and then!

What did you think of the Destiny 2 showcase? Did it live up to the hype? Let us know below!

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