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MultiVersus Reindog Guide: Combos, strategies, and matchups you should know

Reindog is a support character you shouldn't sleep on, in both 1v1 and 2v2 modes.

Reindoig is one of the more underrated support characters in MultiVersus, not being as popular as others like Velma who has gotten a lot of love ever since the game released. Reindog is packing more punch than first impressions may lead you to believe, and is amazing at helping out your partner in rough spots. As such, we’ve written up this Reindog MultiVersus guide.

We’ll break down everything you need to know about the character, starting with the basic gameplan a Reindog player should know going into a match, to the more complex aspects of the character such as Perk options, how to edgeguard, what their best moves are, and combos you should learn.

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Reindog guide - what’s the Reindog strategy?

Reindog is surprisingly strong in a myriad of situations. As a support character, they’re of course at their best when backing up another fighter from behind, but they’ve also got some wild damage potential themselves! The combination of easy to pull off melee combos and some devastating ranged attacks make them especially good.

Diving a bit deeper on that ranged side of Reindog, they have many tools that can keep enemies at a distance. Their neutral attack (Ptoo!) is a universally great horizontal projectile. It’s also chargeable, increasing its damage and size for some nasty long-ranged pressure. Lets not forget Reindog’s down special (fireball), which lays down fire that damages enemies that stand in it. This is great to use on the edge of the area, as well as in front of you while you’re playing keep-away.

However, the most important part of Reindog’s kit in 2v2’s has to be their neutral special (love leash). This sends out a laser in front of Reindog, attaching to your partner and damaging enemies caught in between. When they get in trouble, you can reactivate the beam to pull them to your location, saving them from being ringed-out or from nasty edge guards.

Reindog connecting a beam to an ally in Multiversus
Arguablly the most important piece of Reindog's moveset.

You can also set up a lightning crystal with Reindog’s up special (power crystal). This enhances both your and your allies attacks when struck, and hits enemies that get close. As such, if you’re trying to set up an area as your dedicated ranged-pressure zone, throwing up one of these is a must.

What this all means is that Reindog’s game plan focuses around staying at range and supporting your ally whenever possible. This means setting up the beam whenever possible, throwing out projectiles to back them up from a distance, and buffing their attacks with the up special crystal. While Reindog can pop off up close, they’re best at range.

Reindog guide - what are Reindog’s best moves?

Neutral attack (Ptoo!)

Your go-to ranged attack, Reindog’s Ptoo! is your basic projectile attack that you’ll be throwing out a bunch while at a distance. While it doesn’t have a huge amount of kill potential, even at 100+%, it can really rack up damage on enemies who struggle to dodge it as well as gives your ally an opportunity to follow up on stray hits with their own combos.

Reindog shooting their Ptoo! projectile in Multiversus
This is your bread and butter ranged attack.

Down special (fireball)

Your second main projectile, this is a fantastic ranged attack you can use to wipe out any approach on your spot on the arena with a wall of flames. Damaging anyone that goes through, you’ll want to use this as often as possible. When charged, the projectile is larger, making it great for space control too!

Reindog next to fireball wall in Multiversus
Use this to set up some defence, or to damage recovering enemies.

Neutral special (love leash)

It’s the chain! This is arguably your most important ability, especially in 2v2 matches. This move shoots out a laser directly ahead of you, automatically attaching to an ally if they’re in the way. While linked, you can pull your ally to your location to save them from tricky spots. Don’t underestimate the damage on this move though - keeping yourself and your bud on opposite sides of an enemy will crank up consistent DPS.

Reindog dealing consistent beam damage in Multiversus
You'll be shocked how much damage this does over time...

Down attack (Tail Swipe)

Moving onto some of Reindog’s melee attacks, their down attack is a brilliant grounded attack with a massive hitbox around your character. Hitting enemies downwards, a landed blow with this attack will set you up for follow up juggle combos, or even a spike if used on the stage edge.

Reindog doing their down attack in Multiversus
A great melee attack with a great hitbox!

Aerial side special (Fireworks Master)

If you’re looking to get back on stage, or going in for an aggressive off stage kill, Reindog’s aerial side special is excellent at charging ahead and closing the distance. It does decent damage, but most of all it's a very versatile attack which can be used offensively and defensively.

Reindog doing their aerial side special in Multiversus
A great movement ability, with good damage too!

Reindog guide - Simple combo routes

Here are a few combos that you should learn in order to make the most out of early hits and low percentage scraps (input attacks listed from the top of the list to the bottom).

Basic grounded combo - 12 damage

  • Side attack
  • Side attack
  • side attack

Basic Jump-in combo - 25 damage

  • Aerial down attack
  • Aerial forward attack
  • Down attack

stage bounce combo 19 damage

  • Aerial down attack
  • grounded up attack
  • jump
  • aerial up attack
Reindog mid-combo in Multiversus
While not the most damaging combo character, Reindog can still hold their own.

Reindog perks

When it comes to perks, we recommend these if you want to get the most out of Reindog!

  • Make it Rain, Dog! (red) - Your team receives 20% increased projectile speed..
  • Deadshot (red) - Your team deals 5% increased damage with projectiles.
  • Percussive Punch (red) - Your team deals 5% increased damage with attacks that kock back enemies horizontally.
  • Fire Fluff (golden) - Reindog’s fireball creates a larger firewall upon hitting the ground..

Reindog guide - How do I edge guard with Reindog?

Edge guarding with Reindog is best done from the safety of the stage itself, rather than jumping off and going in for the kill aggressively. Using your projectiles and certain charged attacks, you can make getting back to safety a massive pain.

Regardless of where an enemy is recovering from, you should try and set up a wall of fire using your down special (fireball) if you have the time. This means that even if they do manage to make it back to the stage, they’ll be taking some extra damage.

If they’ve got a horizontal approach, your neutral attack - especially charged - can be a great way of forcing a dodge or killing outright. Alternatively, if they get close, charging your down attack (tail swipe) is a great way of knocking enemies back into danger.

If they’re coming from above you’ve not got too many options sadly. However, an aerial side special or charged fireball can act as a great way of defending the skies.

Reindog spiking an enemy off stage in Multiversus
Your down air is a great spiking tool.

Reindog guide - How do I fight aerial enemies with Reindog?

This part is tricky, since Reindog doesn’t really have the fastest nor strongest aerial attacks to win air-to-air battles. What we recommend doing if the situation calls for it is using aerial fireballs to hit below you, or aerial Ptoos if they match your height. Not many characters have good aerial projectiles, so using these to yoru advantage is a must.

If that isn’t possible, your aerial side special or aerial neutral attack are okay, but you’ll find yourself losing these trades most of the time.

Reindog shooting an aerial fireball in Multiversus
Make use of aerial projectiles whenever you can!

Reindog guide - What characters pair well with Reindog?

Anyone! Well, almost anyone. With the exception of other support characters, Reindog is a great pick with any other member of the cast. With their ranged pressure and ability to buff and save allies, Reindog is a safe pick if you want to play the wingman to your partner’s success.

Reindog guide - What characters are rough for Reindog?

If there’s a big issue with Reindog, it’s that they struggle to defend themselves against strong melee aggressors. Your Harley Quinn’s or Finn’s can mess you up big time, so try your best to stay away from them whenever possible.

That wraps up our MultiVersus guide on Reindog! For more MultiVersus guides, check out our MultiVersus character tier list for 2v2 and 1v1, as well as our guide on downloading PC mods for the game.

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