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MultiVersus tier list: Best characters ranked for 1v1 and 2v2

Looking for a main in MultiVersus? Here are our picks for the best solo and team characters.

MultiVersus is still going strong months after its soft launch, meaning anyone and everyone jumping into the summer’s hottest platform fighter in September should have at least a rough understanding of the meta! Starting it up for the first time, you too might be wondering who the best MultiVersus characters are. To help lay out the current meta clearly, we’ve created this MultiVersus tier list so you can pick the best fighter for you, including how the newest addition Gizmo stands out..

We’ve laid out two lists for both 1v1 and 2v2 game modes, so you can make an informed decision based on the type of action you’re throwing yourself into. Placements are based on overall performance, damage, ease of use, and teamwork capabilities for the 2v2 list.

Obviously, it’s very early days for the title, so we’ll pop back and keep this guide update with the latest developments as they happen. As such, if you’re curious how things have shifted a month of two in the future, come back and see how things have changed!

Watch the Lebron reveal trailer here!

MultiVersus: 2v2 tier list

  • S: Harley Quinn, Bugs Bunny, Finn, Velma, Tom and Jerry
  • A: Lebron James, Morty, Wonder Woman, Gizmo, Superman, Reindog, Batman, Jake the Dog
  • B: Steven Universe, Taz, Shaggy
  • C: Arya Stark, Iron Giant, Garnet

MultiVersus: 1v1 tier list

  • S: Harley Quinn, Bugs Bunny, Finn, Tom and Jerry
  • A: Lebron James, Morty, Superman, Reindog, Batman, Jake the Dog
  • B: Steven Universe, Taz, Shaggy, Velma, Gizmo, Wonder Woman
  • C: Arya Stark, Iron Giant, Garnet

MultiVersus: Best character for beginners - Shaggy

Custom Shaggy header for MultiVersus
You cant go too wrong with Shaggy

If you’re starting out with MultiVersus, there’s no getting around it. Shaggy is the best character to start playing with. You might be tempted to dump all your time into a certain character on the roster - especially if they’re from a series you like - but if you care about learning the ropes and improving stick with Shaggy for a while.

The main reason being is that Shaggy has all the core tools in his move set that you need to learn, while also being a high-damage and versatile fighter across all game modes. His normals cover all bases, with all his attacks leading to high-impact, easy to perform combos. Special shout out goes to his charged stomp, which is an excellent edge guarding tool for when you knock players off the stage.

This carries over to his aerial attacks too! He has a natural and easy to perform spike with his aerial down attack, while his aerial knee strike is an excellent forward facing move for when you want to chase down enemies down for a quick finish.

Shaggy’s special moves also strike that balance between being easy to understand and powerful. His neutral special is a super saiyan charge that enhances the rest of his moves - useful in all situations granted you can get it off. His uppercut, flying kick, and sandwich throws are fighting game classics, and all have multiple uses depending on the situation.

Saggy in Multiversus using his rage charge to power up mid-fight.
If you get a rage charge off, you suddenly become way more of a threat.

After spending a few days with Shaggy, you’ll naturally learn to understand the fundamentals of Multiversus. In the meantime, you’ll be doing loads of damage while able to handle every situation. Shaggy is a jack of all trades, and a master of some too!

MultiVersus: Best support character - Velma

Custom Velma header for MultiVersus
Detective on the scene!

While we love Reindog ‘round these parts, it’s hard to understate the power Velma has right now in the hands of the best (and even average) MultiVersus players. Able to both dish out some serious damage, and back up their ally with a range of powerful buffs, Velma is feeling more and more invaluable as a partner every day.

Velma’s strengths can be categorised into two distinct parts, their hunt for clues and their backup potential. Starting with clue hunting, this is an incredibly powerful - and fun - meta game you get to play while also trying to take out enemies. By collecting enough clues, you can summon a police car able to escort enemies off stage, meaning you can’t just leave Velma to her own devices.

How do you earn clues? Through some of her powerful normal and special moves of course! Great attacks liked he grounded up attack, her calculated Victory projectile, and her neutral special projectile Motivational Speaker are just a handful of moves that can do so, meaning you’ll likely naturally collect evidence as you battle.

Moving onto her buffs, Velma can provide amazing benefits to allies as well as devastating weaknesses to foes. Friendly players can be hastened, healed, educated, and granted armour making them considerably more powerful. On the flip side, you can weaken, and even freeze enemies in place. Both of these combined will lead to gradual but noticeable shifts in power between your team and the opposing force, and a vast gap in buff advantage.

As a Velma player, try to switch between staying at range and supporting allies with powerful projectiles and support moves, and getting in close to apply debuffs to foes while hitting them with evidence-producing melee blows. Doing this, you’ll produce a steady stream of evidence that can lead to natural kill potential via cop cars. All in all, a brilliant pick.

MultiVersus: Best overall character - Bugs Bunny

Custom bugs bunny header for MultiVersus
what's up with Bugs?

It seems that not even multiple nerfs can keep a lid on this bunny, as they stil remain one of the most dominant picks in MultiVersus judging by community consensus and Evo 2022 results. The reason why? They have dastardly set ups that can knock you off stage at low percentages, a stacked kit with powerful attributes attached to even the most basic of moves, and the ability to perform great both in melee and at range.

Lets start with Bugs’ best attribute, his specials. Almost every special move at his disposal is brilliant. A Sae Investment summons a safe that can be launched at enemies, dealing wild amounts of damage and dropping an item when broken. Ain’t I a Charmer is a stun, allowing you to quickly charge up a quick attack for easy kills. Special Delive-Rocket sends a rocket upwards that can be grabbed onto, as well as eventually crashes into the ground making it a great recovery tool and deadly attack. He also has a burrow, which makes him difficult to attack when used correctly.

Pair those with his devastatingly good normal attacks, many of which can be charged for decent kill potential, and you’ve got an overall kit stacked with brilliant offensive opportunity. Did I mention he basic grounded side attack breaks armour? It’s a good enough move on its own, that just also breaks through armour for some reason. Wild character.

Bugs will probably be seeing additional tweaks in the future to get them just right, but for now it’s difficult not to recommend this character for any and all players. Sure they’re a bit tricky to get your head around at first, but once you figure it out you’re off to the races.

MultiVersus: How good is Gizmo?

Look how cute they are.

Gizmo is the newest character to be added to MultiVersus, and is a support powerhouse with a variety of ranged and item-based attacks that can make the opposing fighter's life a living hell. That might seem odd considering how cute they look, but don't be fooled. Gizmo in the right hands can be as frustrating as Reindog support players. Easily so.

Here are some of their powerful support options. Gizmo can set up a variety of floating projectiles including popcorn and musical notes, before sending them flying towards enemy players incredibly fast with their bow. This means, much like all good support characters, you can't leave them alone for long otherwise you're due a barrage of hurt.

However, they aren't just a ranged monster. Gizmo also has two incredibly powerful attacks that allow them to chase down enemies with ease. These are their car, and their umbrella special moves. The car is amazing, allowing them to quickly race after knocked away foes and leaping out as their vehicle crashes into them. Not only that, but you can jump back in the car after it hits, allowing you to re-throw it at them to devestating affect.

The umbrella is especially good though. While it may not have the forward momentum of the car, you can use it to both protect yourself from incoming projectiles with a forward-facing strike, or float in the air for additional recovery options. It's brilliant.

All in all, Gizmo is great! Not quite as good as Reindog in our books, or Velma for that matter, but still an excellent pick. No one should be mad to see a Gizmo on their team, unless they're also playing GIzmo.

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