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Redfall is making a 30 minute-long appearance at QuakeCon

New gameplay details and more are set to be discussed.

Arkane's next vampire-ridden title Redfall is getting a 30 minute slot at the upcoming QuakeCon, as confirmed by Bethesda.

QuakeCon, unsurprisingly, is generally all things Quake, but other Bethesda titles do now make an apperance, and everything is set to get started August 18 at 6pm BST, just under two weeks away. And it looks like shortly after the welcome segment that kicks things off, starting from 6:15pm BST, there will be a 30 minute slot that dives in on the not-so-idyllic Redfall (thanks, Eurogamer).

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"The team at Arkane Austin takes you inside their upcoming squad-based vampire shooter with new insights, gameplay details and more!" reads the description of the event. Whether there will be any actual gameplay shown off or not or if just new details are planned to be shared isn't clear, but the promise of "new" will likely hold true in some shape or form.

Redfall isn't the only game set to get a look in, with discussions about The Elder Scrolls Online, Fallout 76, Ghostwire: Tokyo, Deathloop, Fallout 4, and obviously Quake set to take place throughout the event too.

While Redfall was delayed alongside Starfield into 2023, we did get a first look at gameplay during Xbox and Bethesda's Not-E3 showcase back in June. Probably unsurprising to most, there are four characters to choose from in the game, all with unique abilities and skills.

The co-op gameplay is obviously one of the major drawing points of the game, but Arkane has made it clear that it will be just as fun to play on your own as it is with friends. Which is reassuring considering Arkane's previous titles have been predominantly single-player focused, outside of 2021's Deathloop which had a multiplayer element.

Unfortunately though, it should be noted that only the host makes story progress while playing online, though to balance this out any loot or levels you gain are retained in your main playthrough if you're not the host.

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