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Don’t worry, single-player fans: Redfall is still “a great Arkane story” when played solo

If you prefer your vampire hunting experiences to be more solitary affairs, Redfall still has plenty to offer you.

Arkane Austin is preparing a game with scientifically-mutated vampire killers that have taken a whole town hostage – and though marketing so far suggests that Redfall take a team of hunters to properly liberate the besieged town, Bethesda marketing SVP Pete Hines has said that there's still interest in the game for anyone that wants to try it on solo.

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You've probably heard about Redfall, the once-delayed title coming from Arkane Austin for Xbox Series X/S and PC. It's, largely, a co-op game that many have been calling a 'Left 4 Dead/Back 4 Blood-alike', though recent comments from Bethesda staff seem to line it us as something quite different from either of those titles.

"It's a first-person shooter that you can play solo or with up to four players," Hines said in yesterday's extended Xbox showcase (thanks, GamesRadar).

"So immediately, you might say, well, it's not a single-player game, it must be wildly different. And don't get me wrong, there's absolutely ways in which it is different. But I think when folks play the game and even when they see more of the game, I think they'll start to see all those things about an Arkane game that they love and appreciate."

So what is it that we love and appreciate about Arkane games? Well, mostly, it's good systems that interplay with each other to ridiculous degrees, strong narrative hooks, the freedom to approach objectives from different perspectives, and some deep lore. Will Redfall have all of that? It certainly sounds like it. And as for that killer story?

"If you wanna play a game by yourself and get a great Arkane story, you can absolutely do that in Redfall," Hines notes.

Redfall, of course, comes from Arkane – you know, the folks behind Dishonored, Deathloop, and Prey. It has a lot of ‘immersive sim’ in its DNA. Hines has previously said that Redfall is "very similar" to Arkane’s previous output when it comes to its design pillars. The TL;DR? This sounds almost as good for single-player fans as it does for multiplayer ones.

If you've got a taste for all things vampire – that still require you to play with other people – you can always check out Vampire: The Masqurade – Bloodhunt.

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