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The best Genshin Impact Dendro Traveler build - Dendro Traveler weapons, artifacts, and F2P options

The Dendro Traveler's skillset makes the main character more useful than usual

The best Genshin Impact Dendro Traveler build makes the default main character actually worth using. HoYoverse seemingly addressed some of the major issues that plagued the last two Traveler variations, with shorter cooldown timers and skills designed to deal higher damage. You may want to roll on the Tighnari banner or focus on Collei builds, but the Dendro Traveler is a viable option if you want to save your Primogems and materials for something else.

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How do I get the Dendro Traveler?

Like changing to other versions of the Traveler, you only need to interact with a Statue of the Seven in Sumeru to acquire their Dendro form, which you can do as soon as you enter Sumeru in Genshin Impact 3.0. Choose to “Resonante with Dendro,” and the Traveler will automatically change their elemental affiliation.

This option will remain even after Genshin Impact 3.0 ends, and it isn’t time sensitive like a traditional character banner.

Also like other versions of the Traveler, you can swap to any of their other available elements by resonating with a Statue of the Seven in another region.

Is the Dendro Traveler good?

Dendro Traveler build: The Traveler fires a spray of leaves at a human enemy

Yes, unlike the Electro and Geo Traveler, the Dendro Traveler’s skills are designed to make them a strong elemental DPS character. Razorgrass Blade, their elemental skill, fires a spray of leaves in front of them and deals heavy Dendro damage, and best of all, it has a comparatively short cooldown timer.

Their burst creates a lotus lamp that initially deals Dendro damage in a broad area and transforms if you use certain elements on it. Hydro increases the lamp’s area of effect, Electro makes it deal damage more quickly, and Pyro causes it to explode.

Both abilities scale with elemental mastery, so not only do you boost the skills’ base power, but any reactions you trigger with the Traveler get a potent boost as well. Even if you don’t raise Tighnari or Collei, you can still do quite well for yourself just with the Dendro Traveler.

What is the best Genshin Impact Dendro Traveler build?

Given how important elemental mastery is to the Dendro Traveler’s abilities, your best bet for building them is focusing on that stat in some form.

Best Dendro Traveler sword – Freedom-Sworn Sword

The Freedom-Sworn Sword is technically the best weapon for the Dendro Traveler. Its secondary stat gives a significant boost to elemental mastery, while the passive skill increases all damage dealt and, when you meet certain conditions, adds a further boost to attack.

Since the Traveler is never quite as good as five-star characters, though, you may not want to use such a rare sword on them. If so, Sacrificial Sword is another strong choice. Its secondary stat raises energy recharge, and the passive skill has a high chance of ending the user’s skill cooldown time.

The Favonius Sword is another useful option. While it doesn’t end cooldown timers, it does almost guarantee the user’s energy gauge stays full.

Best Dendro Traveler Artifacts – Gilded Dreams

Gilded Dreams is the ideal pick for an elemental mastery focus, especially if you end up using a sword without elemental mastery buffs.

  • Two-piece effect: Raises elemental mastery by 80
  • Four-piece effect: After triggering an Elemental Reaction, attack increases by 14 percent for each party member whose elemental type is the same as the equipping character, and elemental mastery is increased by 50 for every party member with a different elemental type.

Even with just the two-piece effect and one character of a different element, you get close to a 20 percent damage increase on the Traveler’s elemental skill. Add substats and weapon stats into the equation, and you end up dealing quite a bit of damage with just the skill alone, without factoring in reaction damage.

If you want a more straightforward build, you could use the full Deepwood Memories set instead.

  • Two-piece effect: Raises Dendro damage by 15 percent
  • Four-piece effect: Reduces enemy Dendro resistance by 30 percent after the user hits them with an elemental skill or burst

The Dendro buff and debuff still make the Traveler’s skills quite powerful, even if you don’t get the associated increase in reaction damage.

What is the best Dendro Traveler F2P build?

Dendro Traveler build: The Traveler runs away from a large mechanical monster in an open field

The Dendro Traveler’s F2P build is actually a bit easier to work with thanks to two strong craftable weapons.

Best Dendro Traveler F2P weapon – Sapwood Blade

Sapwood Blade is a new craftable Sumeru weapon that checks all the right boxes. It has high base attack and energy recharge as a secondary stat, and the passive skill boosts elemental mastery by 60 if the user triggers a Dendro reaction.

There’s still no word on how you can get Sumeru billet items, and it seems like we’ll be waiting until Genshin Impact 3.1 for a new weekly boss. However, you can exchange Northlander Billets for the new Sumeru billets.

Iron Sting is a strong alternative if you already have one. It boosts elemental mastery almost as much as the Freedom-Sworn Sword and increases all damage dealt when the user deals elemental damage.

Best Dendro Traveler F2P Artifacts – Gilded Dreams

Since it’s easier to boost elemental mastery with the Dendro Traveler’s F2P build, we’re picking Gilded Dreams for this build as well. Just bear in mind that returns from elemental mastery start dropping off after 500 or 600, so if you use Iron Sting and Gilded Dreams with a varied elemental party, you don’t need to focus on getting elemental mastery substats on your artifacts.

If you're saving up for future Genshin Impact banners, make sure to check out our up-do-date list of Genshin Impact codes for some free Primogems.

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