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Outcast 2: A New Beginning trailer gives us a story background and a look at gameplay

They called him renegade, traitor, an outcast on two planets.

A new story and gameplay trailer for Outcast 2: A New Beginning was shown during THQ Nordic's digital showcase yesterday.

The sequel is in development at Appeal Studios which developed the original title.

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Set 20 years after the original game, in it, you play as ex-Navy SEAL Cutter Slade who has returned to the alien world of Adelpha.

Having been resurrected by the almighty Yods, he has returned to find the Talans enslaved, the world "stripped of its natural resources, and his past intertwining with the invading robot forces." It's now up to him to save the planet - again.

You find a world full of dangerous creatures and also home to the Talan people. They are an ancient culture whose fate has been linked to earth since the events of the first game.

In the game, you will use your jetpack to jump, air-dash, glide, and quickly traverse the in-game open world, combine dozens of different modules to create a weapon for taking down the robot invaders, and have total control over your approach the story you can go about things at your own pace in a non-linear world.

You will discover hidden temples and dangerous wildlife, become familiar with the Talan culture while helping them free their villages, and gain access to ancient Talan powers that use forces of nature to destroy your enemies.

Announced in 2021, the game is in development for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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