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GTA Online Weekly Update (August 4) - bonus rewards, discounts, and vehicles

The first real update post Criminal Enterprises!

August 4 is the first weekly update in GTA Online following the Criminal Enterprise update. This means the game has received a selection of temporary changes and updates as is the norm for the vast amount of the year. This includes limited discounts, bonuses to specific mission types, and free vehicles for you to fight over.

In the GTA Online August 4 weekly update, a new vehicle shop has opened alongside some handy RP and GTA$ boosts on select missions, so it’s the perfect time to log in and pick up a shiny new car!.

This short roundup article will cover every new coming to the game this week that you need to know about. This’ll include discounted cars, a new podium vehicle and double GTA cash and RP on select missions.

The Xbox Series X/S and PS5 trailer for GTA Online!

Luxury Autos & Simeon's Showrooms

This week, GTA Online has gotten two new vehicle stores for you to visit and become a loyal patron of. The first is Luxury Autos, found in Rockford Hills near the barbers and clothing shop. Here' you can expect to see a limited but very valuable selection of vehicles up for sale.
The new Luxury car shop in GTA Online
There are two cars on sale per week here, viewable via the windows.
The current stock at Luxury Autos is:
  • Turismo R
  • Omnis e-GT
Secondly, Simeon's Showrooms is now open in the centre of Strawberry! Inside, you can test ride and buy a selection of custom (and quite expensive) vehicles. The current stock inside is:
the new Premium Motorsport in GTA Online
Simeon has a bunch of fancy cars for sale in the centre of the city!
  • Dubsta2
  • Picador
  • Hermes
  • Gauntlet Hellfire
  • Penumbra FF

LS Car Meet Prize Ride

The Car Meet Prize Ride this week is the Adder - you can grab it by landing a top three finish in Pursuit Races for three days in a row.

The Adder Prize Ride car in GTA Online
A speeder car, in a horrd yellow paint job.

Podium Car

The Diamond Casino Podium Car this week is the Stafford, which can normally only be found at Southern San Andreas Super Autos for $1,272,000.

The Stafford podium vehicle in GTA Online
Probably the one weekI wouldn't want to win the wheel spin.

Hao's Special Works weekly car

Hao's Premium Test Ride for this week is the Pfister Astron Custom and it can be found in the special parking spots in LS Car Meet. To access this vehicle, you'll need to be playing one of the next-gen versions of the game and have purchased a LS Car Meet membership in the game (this can be bought from Mimi).

The Shitzu Hakuchou Drag Hao ride in GTA Online
Love me a good motorbike, the faster the better!

RC Bandito Time Trials

This week's RC Time Trial is La Fuente Blanca. To cash in your $100,000 prize, you'll need to beat a 01:27.00 par time

Time Trials

This week's regular time trial is Vinewood Hills. To earn the top prize, you'll need to beat the event in under 01:27.00.

Bonus GTA$ and RP Rewards

For those looking to make the most out of their time spent in GTA Online, you can earn bonus cash and RP in game through completing certain mission types.

3x RP and GTA$ can be gained from the following missions:

  • The Vespucci Job (Remix)

2x general boost can be found on the following missions:

  • Bunker Research missions
  • Bunker Resupply missions

Clothing Unlocks

Sadly, there are no free clothing unlocks this week.

Weekly Discounts

It’s important to make sure your money goes as far as possible in GTA Online. That’s why you should check out the weekly discounts!

50% off:

  • Utility Vests

40% off:

  • Hauler Custom
  • Hermes
  • Novak
  • Torero
  • Viseris
  • XA-21

35% off:

  • Half-Track
  • Penumbra FF
  • Weaponized Tampa

Prime Gaming Rewards

Prime Gaming rewards are also regularly up for grabs for those with Amazon Prime and Twitch.

  • GTA$100,000 for all players who connect their Rockstar Games Social Club account with Prime Gaming and play this week.

For more on GTA Online, check our out guide to this month's GTA+ benefits, or our tips for making money fast in GTA Online.

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