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GTA+ Rewards (June 2022): GTA$, Bonus RP, Discounts and More

Another month, another wave of valuable rewards for GTA+ subscribers

It's June 2022, which means we have another selection of bonuses and rewards for GTA+ subscribers. This June, those who pay for this service can expect a selection GTA+ rewards, including valuable property, clothing options, customisation for cars and your agency, as well as GTA$ and RP boosts to certain mission types in GTA Online.

For those not in the know, GTA+ costs $5.99 a month (or your regional equivalent), and provides $500,000 of in-game cash alongside a shifting selection of goodies that change every month. The specifics of what you can expect in May can be found below.

You have until June 29 to net these bonuses and rewards before they are cycled out for a new selection, so be sure to sign up if these read like something you could benefit from!

GTA+ was added with the PS5 / Xbox Series X/S version of the game. Check out the trailer for that update above!

Free property

This month, GTA+ offers the Bunker in Raton Canyon for free. This property usually retails for $1,450,000, and comes with:

  • personal quarters
  • shooting range
  • gun locker
  • transportation
  • vehicle storage for the Mobile Operations Center, the Anti-Aircraft Trailer and the Bunker Caddy

This is a great property to have, especially if you haven't had the chance to buy yourself a bunker yet (they can be quite pricey - especially for newer players). They offer acess to unique and powerful vehicles, missions, and more! GTA+ subscribers also get a 50% discount on bunker supplies, so be sure to stock up while it's cheap!

A screenshot of the bunker in GTA Online.
There's a whole host of content available as soon as you own your first bunker.

Free vehicles

In May, GTA+ owners get a free Phantom Custom Mobile Operations Center which plays perfectly into the free bunker we've mentioned above. Owning it gives access to eight Mobile Operations Missions which, when completed, unlock discounted prices for weaponized and military surplus vehicles sold at Warstock Cache & Carry. As such, it's totally worth grabbing!

The mobile operations centre in GTA Online.
A home away from home.

GTA$ and RP bonuses

For the entire month of June, GTA+ owners receive the following bonuses for certain missions:

2x GTA$ and RP

  • Double Down Adversary mode

1.5x GTA$ and RP

  • gunrunning sell mission

Free clothing

Owners of GTA+ for the month of June get a some luscious blue costume pieces to source up their wardrobe. These are:

  • Blue glow necklace
  • Blue stitch emissive mask
the blue stitch mask in GTA Online.
If this sort of look suits you, then you'll want to pick up GTA + this month.

Other unlocks

In addition to all of the above, owners of GTA+ in June get a free stars liveries for the Chernobog, Barrage, and V-65 Molotok, as well as the war camo liveries for Pegassi Toreador for free too!

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